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Summer on the Ile de Ré, what a delight … Every week-end, Ile de Ré Holiday Homes highlights a list of event happening this week on the island for you to enjoy. If you would like more information on one of these events, please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • Music festival – 17th July, Sainte Marie de RéMusic festival

Join the fun in Sainte Marie de Ré where a classical music concert will take place from 21h30 this Sunday. As part of the island’s 29th music festival, the Paris National Orchestra will offer their own take on some classical latino tunes. Free to all!

Place Eudes d’Aquitaines
17740 Sainte Marie de Ré



  • Amar Circus – Until July 24th, Saint Martin de Ré

If you’re looking for a fun night out for the children, this is your lucky week! The circus is back in Saint Martin to entertain all generations of people, not just the younger ones! Shows take place everyday – for more information on timings and prices, please visit Cirque Amar.

Terrain du Vert Clos
17410 Saint Martin de Ré

  • Painting exhibition – Until July 22nd, La Couarde sur Mer

Local artist Pierre Baudoin will exhibit his paintings in La Couarde sur Mer. Landscapes of the Ile de Ré are the focus point of this award winning artist. Free to all (10h-13h / 16h-19h).


Salle d’Exposition de l’Office du Tourisme, Rue Pasteur
17670 La Couarde sur Mer


  • Saint Martin night market – Until 31st August, Saint Martin de Ré

If you’re in one of our houses in Saint Martin de Ré or in any other accommodation in the city, you will love strolling along the harbour and look around the dozens of stalls filled with homemade creations. This is definitely one of the highlights of the summer in on the island and of course, the famous ice cream man stays open late too!! Parking is available if you’re staying in other villages (don’t forget a good torch if you decide to take your bikes!).


The harbour front
17410 Saint Martin de Ré


  • The beach library – Everyday, Le Bois Plage en RéBeach library

Everybody loves a good book on the beach! That’s why the town of Le Bois Plage is providing books to borrow directly on the beach of the Gollandières for you to borrow. And if you want to keep up to date with island news, local newpaper Le Phare de Ré is also available!

Plage des Gollandières
17580 Le Bois Plage en Ré

For more information, visit Ile de Ré’s official website.